Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Tool Box

· Go to an AA meeting
· Don’t drink
· Steps 1 – 12
· The Serenity Prayer
· The Twelve Principles
1. Honesty
2. Hope
3. Faith
4. Courage
5. Integrity
6. Willingness
7. Humility
8. Brotherly Love
9. Discipline
10. Perseverance
11. Awareness of God
12. Service
· Call my sponsor or another person in recovery
· Meet with my sponsor as regularly as possible
· Change people, places and things as necessary
· My sobriety is my priority above all else
· The chip in my pocket
· Beware of H.A.L.T. (hungry, angry, lonely, tired)
· Pause when agitated
· Prayer
· Go to an AA meeting
· Meditate
· Set personal boundaries and keep them
· Read the literature
· Service work
· Surrender
· Remember what got me here
· Forgive
· Let it go
· Spend time alone
· Keep it simple
· Restraint of pen and tongue
· Do not take other people’s inventory
· Try not to judge others
· Go to an AA meeting
· Make the effort, especially when I don’t want to
· Don’t give up
· Avoid expectations
· Journal or write
· Gratitude list
· Be compassionate and tolerant
· Live and let live
· I can start my day over at any time
· Remember that some others are sicker than I am
· Know that most people (in recovery) are trying their best
· Don’t take the bait
· Go to an AA meeting
· Do not turn down any reasonable request
· Where and when possible, avoid stressful situations
· This too shall pass
· At meetings -- go early, stay late
· Give out and collect phone numbers
· Meet and greet people I don’t know
· I’d rather be Happy than Right
· Be consistent
· Do my best at all times
· Put away the sledgehammer


JJ said...

I love your toolbox and I really apppreciated you sharing it with me.
I see you,

Phyllis said...

Nice toolbox ya got there!
That'll keep you sober fer sure!

Grateful said...

Great reminders. I tend to have my favorite 'top 10' or so that I use. You are a wonderful example of living in the solution.

Anonymous said...

frickin' awesome list!
thanx for sharing it – there plenty there for my consideration

Shannon said...

I love your tool box

Kathrin Ivanovic said...

Thank you for posting your toolbox! WOW!

KimPossible said...

That was simple and wonderful. It's about taking it one day at time. Continue to stay positive. Writing is healing and revealing. Keep on writing. You are very inspiring.

Keep in touch and come by and visit my blogspot.


Wait. What? said...

Put away the sledgehammer! I think I will start figuring out what would go in my toolbox - good list.

Shay said...

What a great toolbox list - thanks for sharing it.

Monty said...

always love to see a reminder of the tools we have!